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Luleå, Sweden

The conference will be organized in Luleå, a city in northern Sweden located on the coast of Bothnia Bay. Luleå is located approximately 100 km south of the Arctic Circle, only one hour from Stockholm (by flight). Luleå is the capital of Norrbotten County.

The city has some well-known attractions, such as:

  • The Gammelstad Church Town (Gammelstads kyrkstad) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Gammelstad near the city of Luleå. At its centre is a 15th-century Church surrounded by 424 wood-built houses, exemplifying a type of town that was once widespread throughout northern Scandinavia.
  • Luleå archipelago (Luleå Skärgård), with more than 1300 islands, is a group of islands offshore from the city of Luleå and the mouth of the Lule River. A few of the islands have small permanent populations, but most are used only for recreation in the summer months.
  • The Technology House (Teknikens Hus) is a Swedish science center near Luleå University of Technology. It is a discovery center with activities emphasizing science and technology for the curious of all ages, but mainly school children.


Luleå University of Technology

The conference is organized by the Mining and Rock Engineering research group and Swebrec at Luleå University of Technology (LTU), which is the northernmost technical university in Scandinavia. It consists of four campuses located near Luleå (the main campus), Kiruna (space science), Skellefteå (wood technology and computer game engineering) and Piteå (music and media).

The location is within a short distance from some of the most active areas of mining and exploration in Europe. The university has a strong profile in education and research regarding mining, metallurgy and civil engineering. This can be seen in the university’s areas of excellence in research and innovation with themes such as Future mining, Sustainable transportation, and Attractive built environment, i.e. areas where ground support is utterly important. 

Kulturens Hus (City art centre)

The conference will take place at Kulturens Hus - Conference & Congress, which is locatedin the harbor of Luleå, Sweden.

In addition to its concert and conference halls, it also houses a library, an art gallery,a café, and a restaurant. Thanks to its central location it is within walking distance to shopping, entertainment and accommodation.


Arrival by plane
Kallax Airport is located five kilometers from the city center, a twenty minute journey by taxi or public transportation. Luleå is mainly accessible using flights from Stockholm, but occasionally also from Gothenburg. Kulturens Hus can be reached directly from the airport by Bus nr. 4. 

Arrival by Train
Luleå is also accessible by train, primarily from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Luleå’s train station is less than a ten minutes’ walk from Kulturens Hus. The city center is reached in the same time span.