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Twelfth International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting

The Fragblast symposia have a long tradition of presenting the state of the art in rock blasting and explosives engineering. In addition, it also offers a unique opportunity to meet and socialize among friends and colleagues within the international blasting community. Based on Sweden’s impeccable blasting research traditions and continued strength in research and industrial application the Fragblast’s international organizing committee have awarded Luleå University of Technology the responsibility to organize the 12th Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting.

The city of Luleå is located near the arctic circle close to the largest mining area in Europe. The Nordic region is just as far north as Alaska and Siberia, and just as far from the equator as Antarctica. Despite its northern location, the Nordic region has similar climatic, social and living conditions to those found in the rest of Europe with the additional bonus of the midnight sun during the summer months.

Luleå University of Technology has the honorable pleasure to invite you to Fragblast 12 in Luleå, Sweden on June 9-15, 2018. We and the charming city of Luleå welcome you and we look forward to joining you in discussions and activities under the midnight sun.

Symposium co-chairs
Håkan Schunnesson & Daniel Johansson,
Luleå University of Technology


  • Explosive performance: From detonics to rock on the ground
  • Mechanics of Dynamic Rock Blasting
  • Blast design and Drilling Accuracy
  • Sustainable blasting techniques: Reduction of environmental footprints
  • Blast damage
  • Rock fragmentation: Monitoring; Instrumentation, Techniques and Analysis
  • Rock fragmentation: Influence of Delay Time and rock mass
  • Blasting, Loading, Hauling and Crushing; Systems Approaches and economy
  • Blasting Methods that Improve Tunnelling and Drifting
  • Mass Blasts in surface and underground operations: Problems and Solutions
  • Confined blasting
  • Numerical Simulations of Rock Blasting: from detonation to rock on the ground
  • Automation and Introduction of New Technologies in Blasting Operations
  • Well Documented Case Studies
  • Blast Vibration Predictions and blasting in built-up areas
  • Demolition Blasting and Special blasting Techniques
  • New products and development (industrial presentations)


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